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we have all the suggestion for your gold investment and one of the best investment opportunities you have , these suggestion will help you in investment casting and may be introduce some of investment companies, This will help you to increase your investment funds. prize bond is much better investment then the forex investment.All suggestion are provided with no guarantee and its totally up to you to to check them ,as lost of money can not be recovered by some data recovery services
Guide line how to claim Prize bond prize in pakistan
1. Only that Prize Bond whose date of issuance is at least 60 days prior to the draw date, is entitled for a win
2. There was a series wise draw before 15th November 2000. Therefore, to claim for those prize(s) which were announced in the draws held before 15th November 2000, the prize bond's series should also match with that of draw result. From the draws held after 15th November 2000, you don’t have to match the series but the Numbers only.
3. As validity of a prize is six years, so you may claim your prize(s) till six years from the date of that particular draw.
4. Government of Pakistan has recently revised the Prize values for different denominations of Prize Bonds. Draw schedule of these Prize Bonds and revised prizes can be viewed by clicking
"Draws Schedule".
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