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Recent Posted Joo Tv Draw

Joo Baba
Jun 03, 2020

Joo music 


Best open 555 111 000

Best three door 555 000


Best open gift ready fees 1 hazar inam ky bad Imandari ky sth Bhej skty h tu le lo open aao or moj kro gift h 

Only sms 


Don akr
Jun 03, 2020


joo time 8.30.pm.

VIP open.


Moj kro.

Not VIP soort 

game kliy rabta kro 

fees adwanc rs.500 

call 0302.9150605.ok.

Don akr
Jun 03, 2020

salaam dosto 

joo time to 


VIP akra 

VIP tndola 

garnti se lo 

fees adwanc rs.500 

call wadsap.SMS.ok.


free waly 

No call. No.sms.ok.

Sohail Shah
Jun 03, 2020

joo music live tv draw

Time (8...30) pm

Open ..7...9...8

Three dor...8

Sirf 2✌ k lea rabta kro

📱 no(03000089803)

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