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May 15, 2019

 Joo music see tv game 


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 Joo tv game 

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 Baba sultan 

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Don akr
May 15, 2019

Salaam 394.dosto 

Jeeto 364.Pakistan 

Joo time to 8.30 pm 

Vip open kalose 



Vip 3door 000 Lgao 04.06.

Moj 31.kro

Call 0302.9150605..

Don akr
May 15, 2019

jeeto Pakistan 

Sub membran ko 

Vip open. 666.k

Vip Akra 66.k

Boht boht 

Mubarak hoo 

Vip game kliy rabta kro 

Call 0302.9150605..

Don akr
May 15, 2019

salam 270.dosto 

Jeeto 720.Pakistan 

Joo time to 1.pm..3.pm.

Vip open kalose 



Vip 3door 000 Lgao 02.07.

Moj kro 150.450.650.950.702.

Eid gift 320.370.420.470.207.

Call 0302.9150605...

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