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Joo Baba
Apr 04, 2018

Joo music


Best open 222 888 777

Best three door 222 888


Best open ?

Only SMS


Syed Rohaine Shah
Apr 04, 2018

admin janb  whats going on here? 

Hit baba is doing  very unfair. Work .

It actually Joo Music 

Page why he is posting others lucky draw ?

His intentions is cleared to destroy website again. 

Kindly do not provide any thats of types people  whose inteend not good. 

I have been working  here since 5 years ago. 

Is up against website .

And fake Mubarak bad is now his routine. 

If that kind of atmosphere will here than viewer dont like  to visit because of bad atmosphere .

I hope  you got my point .


From Syed rohaine shah 


Syed Rohaine Shah
Apr 04, 2018

Joo Music 





VIP game coming soon 

Only 3 open  8 akra 

K lay abh Rabat Karen fess inam ka bad 


Syed rohaine shah 


Hit Baba
Apr 04, 2018

hit baba..lukey 4th f..4...mobark

845..second mobark.

zee lottery India ma 8396.mobark...kha tha 10.Arab

ka khelo.ya ma lakh Arab es lee

lekhta hon ka 100%garanty

ha.second.94..07.sub mobark

kha tha ka lukey 4th or zee TV

ma  ajj gam na ai to peper nahi

banao ga ajj joo TV lukey 4th

zee lottery.ma baba hit na diler ki barbadi kerdi



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