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Baba Sultan
Apr 17, 2019

 joo music zee tv game 








 Vip ..4...akron k liye 

 Rabta karin game 

 100%...comfirm mily gi 

 Feeees inaaam k bad 

 Baba sultan 

 Call...and ...messages 



Mehar Baba
Apr 17, 2019

joo music 

All 13 taime

Opan calos centr



Short game Sms

All taime game book

Inam 10 ka akra 900

Sms 03096612846

Baba h

Baba Sultan
Apr 16, 2019

 joo muic game 




 Vip open close 



 100%...garnti say 

 Feees inaaam k bad 

 Sirf gareeb or imandar 

 Log rabta karin 

 Baba sultan 




Don akr
Apr 16, 2019

salam 086dosto 

Jeeto 806Pakistan 

Joo time to 8.30 pm 

Vip open kalose 



Vip 3door 000 Lgao.

Moj kro.

Lot lo.070.470.670.970.72.77.


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