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Recent Posted Joo Tv Draw

Don akr
Sep 09, 2018

35.jeeto pakistan 53.

Joo time to 

11.30 and 12.pm kliy 

Vip open close santr 


Moj kro

Vip 3door 575757 lgao 

Call 03029150605.....

Super Power
Sep 09, 2018

well come too joo music 

Joo music 1.00pm

Vip.    Open    close 

Vip... 4.akry 

Vip... 4.. Tandoly 

Full garnti  say 

Game sub doston 

Ko freeee mily gi 

Call.... Msg 



Don akr
Sep 09, 2018

salam dosto 

Jeeto pakistan 

Cooming soon 

Joo time to 

11.30 pm kliy 

12.00 pm kliy 

1.00 pm kliy 

3.00 pm kliy 

4.30 pm kliy 

6.30 pm kliy 

8.30 pm kliy 

9.30 pm kliy

Vip 6akry garnt se loo 

Vip 6tndoly garnti see loo 

Fees adwans rs 500 hooge 

Free waly call mat krn ok thanks 

Call 03029150605.....


Don akr
Sep 08, 2018

021jeeto 210.pakistan 120

Joo time to 8.30 pm kliy 

Vip open close santr 


01.41.51 91.

Vip gift

Moj kro 710.720.170.270.

Vip 3door 101010 lgao 441.

Call 03029150605.....

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