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Don akr
Aug 30, 2018

136jeeto 236pakistan 336

Joo time to 4.30 pm kliy 

Vip open close santr 


Gift 175.475.675.975.

Moj kro 225.275.325.375.025.075

Vip 3door 151515 lgao 215.315.

Call 03029150605..

Super Power
Aug 30, 2018

well come to joo music 

Joo music 


Vip coming soon 

Vip open close 

Vip 4... akry 

Full ready hain 

Jin doston k inaaaaam nai 

Lag rhy woh zaroort 

Rabta Karin 

Or apni game losing ko 

Kawar karin 

Call.... Msg 



Joo Baba
Aug 30, 2018

Joo music 


Best open 222 333 111

Best three door 222 333


Best open 

Gift ready fees 1 hazar

Inam ky bad Bhej skty h tu le lo open 

Only sms 


Don akr
Aug 30, 2018

jeeto pakistan 

Joo time to 3.00 pm kliy 

Vip open close santr 


Vip 3door 116655

Moj kro 415.475.465.456.

Call 03029150605.....

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