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Don akr
Apr 23, 2019

salam 891dosto 

Jeeto 861Pakistan 

Joo time to 1.pm...3.pm.

Vip open kalose 


Santar .2..4..6..7..

Moj kro.161.261.461.761.

Vip 3door 111..Lgao. 911.

Lot lo.610.710.810.804.704.

Call .0302.9150605...

Baba Sultan
Apr 23, 2019

 joo music zee tv ki game 




 Vip game 

 Open close 



 100%...garnti say 

 Feeees inaaam k bad 

 Member ship Jari hy 

 Vip...loha toor game 



 Baba sayad sultan 



Baba Sultan
Apr 23, 2019

 Joo music zee tv game 


 Vip coming soon 



Don akr
Apr 22, 2019

salam148 dosto 

Jeeto 418Pakistan 

Joo time to 8.30 pm 

Vip open kalose 


Santar. 3..4..8..9..

Vip 3door 000 Lgao 118.

Moj kro.308.369.396.936.639.

Call 0302.9150605...


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