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Apr 29, 2015

 Draw time 3:pm 

 Vip open 6-1-5-9

 close 4-7-3-0

 Center 5-3-1-8

 Coming soon 4;30 pm 

 Masrofiat ke waja say 

1 Pm ke game post nahi ho saki 

 Tamam mebran ko 75 ka akra 

 Mubrik ho 

 Coming soon 4:30 pm 


Apr 29, 2015

Complain This No. To Pta

For The abuse Lang. 03364009204

& also Compain to cyber crime centre to

ileagal activity harm the user

& website

case registration

this is complain no. c321560m3c

Not to all user if any user distrub the site just trace it & case it ok

Apr 29, 2015

Dear All Members Is 03364009204 is no. ko trace karain kis ka hia

reply me on sms

abuse zaban istamal kar raha hia sms main


King Umair
Apr 29, 2015

joo tiem.3pm

vip link.3.8.

vip open.

vip cloz.7.8.6.

vip akeri.88.18.81. center.8.3.

umair alam



singal open 

singal cloz

singal center

singal link ke liye call me

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