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Recent Posted Joo Tv Draw

Nov 24, 2014

draw time 4.30 pm  

vip final opan 9 

akre 97-99-94-92-90-95 

center 9   

sms 0324-4931281  

vip 3 akre 3 tandoly  8.30  sms onli  

Nov 24, 2014

Joo music live tv draw

Time-4-30 bje




Call me sohail shah

Cell no-0346-3461510

Don akr
Nov 24, 2014

4.30.pm vip opan.9.6.4.vip rang,.920.940.970.990.900.moj karo call.0313.8445464

Don akr
Nov 24, 2014

dear frineds joo tmie 3.00,pm vip opan 9.6.vip rang ..910.920.960.970.990.sab dost moj karo . call 0313.8445464

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